Here's A Quick Way To Tell If Your Longview Home Has Termites

May 13, 2020

Which pest is the worst to have in your home? You may have an answer to that, or you may not be sure. There are many species of pests in the Longview area, and all can cause unique problems for you and your family.

termite damaging wood in a house

Although other pests are considered more dangerous, termites are certainly among the most expensive. Termites cost American’s over five billion dollars in damage repairs each year. Yikes! Here’s a guide to identifying and preventing these pests.

Know Your Enemy: Termite Quick Facts

  • When we talk about termites in Longview, we’re usually talking about subterranean termites. They live in nests underground and build tunnels to find food—which they get from wood.

  • Worker termites are in charge of gathering food. Soldier termites protect the colony. Alates reproduce. During the spring months, alates emerge to mate and start new colonies.

  • Termites are active year-round, but they can be especially problematic in the spring when alates are looking for new places to call home. During these months, you want to be on guard to prevent any new termite colonies from springing up near your home.

The Best Offense Is Prevention

Though preventing a termite infestation may seem impossible, there are some steps you can take to keep these unwanted pests at bay:

  • Minimize the soil-to-wood contact around your home. If there are places where wood is in direct contact with soil, take steps to minimize the moisture in that area.

  • Don’t leave firewood or other debris near your home. Branches, logs, stumps, and even cardboard boxes will attract termites to your yard and eventually to your home.

  • Reduce the moisture in and around your home. Damp wood is easier for termites to eat, so fix water damage promptly and use a dehumidifier in damp areas like the basement.

How To Tell If Termites Are Inside Your Longview Home

Prevention is an important start, but unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that termites won’t get in anyway.
That means that the next step in protecting your home from termites is learning how to tell if there are termites inside your walls. Since you aren’t likely to ever see worker or soldier termites, this can be a difficult task.

  • The easiest way to identify termite presence is to find alates. If you see any winged termites, or even just shed wings near your windows or doors, this could be a sign that a termite colony is about to start nearby.

  • Once termites are already living near your home, you can check for mud tunnels between the soil and the wood. You may also see piles of termite droppings or frass on the floor near your baseboards. It resembles piles of salt and pepper. Lastly, you may hear termites, so keep an ear open for soft clicking sounds coming from your walls.

  • When termites have been around for long enough, you’ll see signs of the damage they’ve caused. The first sign is usually windows and doors that become tight-fitting and no longer open or close smoothly. You may notice that the walls are uneven, or the ceiling seems to droop.

If you notice any of these signs or are worried about a possible infestation, it’s time to call for help. Termites cause significant damage every day, so the sooner you call in professional pest control services, the better. Pest-Pro Services, Inc. has experience dealing with termites. We can give you long-term relief from these damaging and expensive pests.

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