Here's Why You Should Call The Professionals About Bed Bugs In Your Tyler Home

September 15, 2020

For residents of Tyler, Texas, the bed is a source of comfort and respite. However, if you see bed bugs crawling around your bedsheets, you’ll never want to crawl in bed again. Bed bugs can take a serious toll on your sleep quality and mental health, and their bites are uncomfortably itchy and annoying. These pests can pop up anywhere in Tyler, and as a result, homeowners can spend hundreds of dollars trying (and failing) to get rid of these insects. Fortunately, residents in Tyler, TX have a much better option.

bed bug crawling on pillow

Bed Bug Identification Guide

Before we talk about how you can get rid of bed bugs completely, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same pests. Bed bugs are tiny, even for insects. Growing only ⅕ of an inch long, bed bugs can fit themselves in the tiniest cracks, making them excruciatingly hard to detect. You are much more likely to see their aftermath, small raised welts where they bite you on areas of skin that are exposed while you are sleeping.

If you do spot a bed bug, they have reddish-brown bodies that are shaped like apple seeds. Other signs of an infestation include small, 1mm sized eggs, and bloodstains on your sheets.

When faced with a bed bug infestation, many residents try to get rid of these pests by using DIY methods. While the attempt to save time and money is admirable, the truth is, it is unlikely that you will be able to get rid of these bloodsuckers on your own.

Why DIY Methods Don’t Work For Bed Bugs

Tyler homeowners often try the following, to no avail:

  • Baking soda – sprinkle daily around furniture and vacuum. Baking soda reportedly dehydrates bed bugs, but this simply isn’t true; besides, bed bugs can nest all over your house and climb to your bed without touching the baking soda. 
  • Talcum powder – sprinkle daily and vacuum. This is a similar myth to baking soda, and like baking soda, it doesn’t work. Talcum powder neither dries out bed bugs nor does it deter them. 
  • Mothballs – $5-10, place beneath the furniture. The idea is that the smell of mothballs will deter bed bugs, but this is a complete myth, and you’re only making your room smell weird in the process.
  • Tea tree oil – $10-$20, dilute in water and spray. Tea tree oil is said to kill bed bugs, but that’s only if you use an undiluted form of the expensive substance, and it only works if you spray it directly onto the pests. Moreover, undiluted tea tree oil can be dangerous to humans, so doing this is ill-advised. 
  • Ultrasonic waves – $50-$200. The idea behind this expensive treatment is that bugs don’t like ultrasonic sound, so this will naturally clear them out. Entomologists agree that insects, including bed bugs, aren’t affected by ultrasonic waves whatsoever.

The Best Bed Bug Extermination Plan

If these DIY options don’t work, what will? The best plan of action is to schedule a visit with Pest-Pro Services.

To get rid of your bed bugs, our pest control professionals will inspect your property and advise you on how to prepare for an effective treatment. We eliminate bed bugs through a few different processes, but we always apply EPA-registered and approved liquid products that kill bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle.

This treatment won’t harm your property, and it targets bed bugs wherever they are hiding. This treatment also includes a follow-up inspection to ensure that your bedroom has regained its status of comfort and safety.

If you’re waking up to itchy bites on exposed skin, don’t take matters into your own hands. Contact the pest experts at Pest-Pro Services, Inc. today. Our bed bug treatments will bring back the safety of your bed. 

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