How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Texarkana

March 4, 2019

If you are the type of person that hates having pests flying or crawling around in your home, it can be assumed that you have put in place ways to stop them. Maybe you have sealed up your home’s exterior and made sure there are no cracks for pests to get inside. Perhaps you have looked up DIY pest exclusion tips online to find handy tips and tricks to keep insects, rodents, and wildlife away - anything that can help keep pests away is a good thing. Unfortunately, prevention that may work for the majority of other pests does not work the same for bed bugs.

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How Bed Bugs Can Get into Your Home

Bed bugs do not crawl into homes in Texarkana as other pests do. Instead, bed bugs find more creative ways to get inside. They typically hitch a ride inside. They don't attach themselves to our pets like fleas or ticks may. Rather, they travel on everyday items we carry to and fro - anything from the briefcase you bring to work to a toy your child brings home from daycare. Sometimes their end destination provides no food, water, or shelter, and they eventually die. Other times, the item they travel on finds its way into your cozy home where bed bugs can hide, feed, and bug you endlessly.

What Bed Bugs Look Like and How They Can Quickly Get Out of Hand

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown pests that measure about 5-7 mm in length. Identifiable by their oval shape, bed bugs are nocturnal insects by nature, with a need for hosts to survive.

Thinking of a single bed bug hiding around your bed during the day and feeding on your blood each night is a bad enough thought on its own. It gets much worse when you consider that bed bugs can breed rapidly. Two bed bugs can turn into hundreds in no time. A single bed bug does not need much blood each night to survive and as unappealing as this may be to think about, you have enough blood in your body to feed thousands.

Some Simple Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs

The best thing you can do to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you is simply to know where they hide and to be vigilant in keeping an eye out for them.

If you go on vacation, check the rooms you are staying in for bed bugs.

When bringing home used furniture, check each piece thoroughly for bed bugs and signs that they may be present. This applies to anything you bring home with you.

Are you worried that bed bugs may have hidden away in your packed clothing while you were out traveling? When you get home, immediately place all of your clothing that you took with you into the washer and dryer on a high heat setting. The heat will kill any bed bugs who may have hitchhiked home with you.

What to Do if Bed Bugs Invade

If, despite your efforts to keep bed bugs away, they still manage to find their way into your space, it’s time to get the professionals here at Pest-Pro Services involved. Providing effective bed bug control in Texarkana and throughout our Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas service area, our methods are tough on these biting pests, and easy on you. Give us a call. Our qualified team of experts are standing by and ready to put their talents to work.

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