What You Need To Know About Termite Season In Tyler

April 15, 2020

Do you know what the first, and most visible, sign of a termite infestation is? It is the appearance of termite swarmers. Do you know when you're most likely to see termite swarmers? Right now. That is why we call this the beginning of termite season. As temperatures warm up, and termites increase their activity, they start things off with a bang. You might see that bang. If you do, it is important that you know what you're looking at.

termite swarmer on a rock

What is a termite swarmer?

There are a few different roles in a termite colony. The queen produces new offspring with the help of her king. The workers go forth, consume cellulose, and share the food with the rest of the colony. Soldiers protect the workers as they do their job of providing sustenance for the colony. Female reproductives are sometimes created to help with the production of offspring in satellite colonies. All of these termites live almost their entire lives in complete and utter darkness. There is only one kind that goes forth into the light. They are called swarmers. Swarmers are future queens and kings. They leave a nest, pair off, mate with each other, shed their wings, and establish new nests.

What does it mean when you see lots of swarmers on your home?

Swarms don't last long or travel far. When termite swarmers emerge from the nest, they have one thought on their mind—if it can be considered a thought. All of those swarmers are looking for that special someone to spend their life with. They don't have to travel to do it. Their mate is in the swarm with them. So, seeing a bunch of swarmers on the exterior of your home is evidence of a mature nest on your property or somewhere close to your property. That means it is likely that termites are already feeding on your home. Termite workers will travel as far as three hundred feet in search of food.

What does it mean when you find swarmers inside?

Sometimes swarmers will emerge inside a home by mistake. If you find swarmers in your house, don't think for one second that they came in from the outside. Swarmers are drawn to light. Your home is dimmer than the outside. Swarmers don't want to come in; they want to get out. You'll see them crawling on your interior windows trying to get out to the light. There is something else you should know about finding swarmers indoors. Interior swarmers are an indication of a severe infestation. There are a few reasons for this conclusion:

  • The termites we have in Tyler are subterranean termites, and they make their nests in the ground, not inside your home.

  • Swarmers don't eat wood. They have no reason to be inside the tunnels that workers are creating in your home, except to use them to get to the outside.

  • If swarmers are using the tunnels inside your home to get outside, it is because their nest is very close to your home. It may even be underneath your home.

What should you do when you see swarmers in Tyler Texas?

Whether you see one swarmer or a thousand swarmers, it is time to call the termite control professionals at Pest-Pro Services. Subterranean termites don't damage your home all at once. They do it over time. And they're able to do it over time because they rarely reveal themselves. Those white-winged swarmers may be the only warning sign you get. It is important that you heed it and act fast to get termite control you can trust. Reach out to us today to schedule a professional termite inspection. We're standing by to assist you with this essential protection for your property.

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