What Longview Property Owners Ought To Know About Flea Infestations

July 15, 2020

Fleas can be merciless. You can bathe your pets, clean all your bedding, vacuum all your rugs, spray flea control products everywhere, and still have fleas. You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth an inch thick and still have fleas. You can spray your entire home with a vinegar spray and still have fleas. Some pet owners have gone to extreme measures, like carrying couches and chairs out onto the porch and spraying them with stinky flea sprays to get rid of the fleas. That's a lot of work! Are you in this cycle? Have you tried a bunch of things that haven't worked? We understand your pain. Today, we're going to help you understand why you're losing the battle. Here's what every Longview property owner should know about flea infestations.

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Sprays Are Topical

When you spray anything to kill fleas, that product won't get into the gaps, cracks, and crevices of couches, chairs, beds, and other furniture items that can have fleas in them. They'll lay on the surface. If you're thinking, "Hold on a second; don't fleas hop around everywhere?" We understand why you might think this. The only fleas hopping around inside your home are adult fleas. Flea larvae are little worms that wiggle around in the fibers of carpets, bedding, and furniture. A topical spray won't reach many of them—neither will powders like Diatomaceous earth.

Sprays Can Dry

There are many sprays that become inert when dry, such as vinegar and water. While you can kill an adult flea by spraying it with vinegar, that same flea can walk across a surface with dried spray on it and not be affected.

Emerging Fleas Must Be Addressed

If you take measures to kill adult fleas, you'll continue to have problems with emerging fleas. Many products that kill fleas don't address eggs or cocooned fleas. The products you use must have a residual effect.

The Vicious Cycle

If you use a product that actually works to kill fleas, you can continue to have a flea infestation in your home. There are a few reasons for this.

  • Some products don't kill eggs or cocooned fleas.

  • Products can wear out before they eliminate all emerging fleas.

  • Products can be applied in the wrong locations.

  • Fleas can be hiding inside your walls on mice or rats.

The Rodent Factor

Are you aware that mice and rats can bring fleas into your home? If you treat your entire home but do nothing to address rodents in your home, you'll continue to have problems with fleas. Rodent control is an essential factor in arresting fleas infestations.

What Works To Control Fleas

The best way to combat a flea infestation is to work with your veterinarian and enlist the assistance of a pest control professional. Your vet can guide you toward products that are right for your pet and right for your family. A pest control professional can provide a flea treatment for your home that is designed to eliminate adult fleas and actively eliminate emerging fleas for a few months. The EPA approved products used by the service team here at Pest-Pro Services are easily processed by humans and pets, but lethal to simple organisms. When we're done treating your home, you won't have to wonder if you still have fleas in your home.

Do you have a rodent problem? We can help with that too. Our service professionals know what is required to monitor and remove rodents from your home and property. Reach out to us today if you have questions or you'd like to request service. We're here to help. 

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