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Located in Gregg County and several miles east of Dallas, Longview rests as a memorable little part of Texas. Our area is filled with many parks for residents and vacationers to enjoy, such as Akin Park, Ingram Park, Pinewood Park, Rollins Park, Benny Jackson Park, Hinsley Park, and Leaders’ Core Park. Unfortunately, even with all of the beauty we can find in nature, that nature becomes much less beautiful when it starts invading your property.
Here in Longview, we are no stranger to pests such as rodents, spiders, cockroaches, and wildlife. In fact, pests are a part of everyday life for some residents.

Thankfully, invading pests don’t need to be a part of your life anymore when you have the pest technicians here at Pest-Pro Services on your side! Keep unwanted insects, rodents, and wildlife out of your home or business property this year with an effective pest control program from Pest-Pro!

Residential Pest Control In Longview, TX

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When you own a home, the last thing you want is bugs and rodents damaging your furniture, spreading diseases to your family, and causing problems in your household.

Here at Pest-Pro Services, we believe that your Longview home should be protected from pests year-round and offer pest control plans that are designed to accomplish that!  
Our pest technicians are dedicated to your satisfaction, and will focus treatments in the areas where pests commonly invade. If protecting your home from the dangers of pests and their habits is on your priority list, please reach out to the pest control professionals here at Pest-Pro Services, Inc.

Problems Rodents In Longview, TX Cause

Whether you’re dealing with problems caused by mice, rats, or other rodents are one of the most common pests here in Longview that you may have the misfortune to encounter. Keeping rodents off your property is difficult to begin with, but becomes even more troublesome when you take the problems rodents create into account.

Rodents must chew constantly in order to wear down their ever-growing front teeth. This means that mice, rats, and squirrels are capable of damaging your property as they chew on structural beams, furniture, and flooring. Additionally, rodents have been linked to both house fires and floods after chewing through major electrical or piping systems.
Rodents are also responsible for spreading diseases, pathogens, and parasites that may cause serious health problems for some individuals. Illnesses are spread through fluids and contaminated surfaces or foods, and may even be life threatening in some cases. Keep rodents from spreading disease and destruction on your property this year with a little help from Pest-Pro!

Commercial Pest Control In Longview, Texas

Your business gives you an opportunity to provide quality products, services, or experiences for your customers, as well as a chance for financial gain for yourself.

When pests invade your restaurant, hotel, or grocery store, they have the potential to drive customers away and leave your Longview business with dozens of bad reviews and unsatisfied customers.

The goods news is that the pest technicians here at Pest-Pro Services are on your side.

We want your business to thrive just as much as you do. We offer customized pest control services for businesses in Longview that stop pests from scaring away customers and damaging product and/or facility.  Reach out to Pest-Pro and secure the pest control program you need to keep your business pest free all year long.

Learn More About Destructive Termites In Longview,TX

There’s no denying that termites cause major problems for commercial and residential facilities here in Longview, Texas. However, many Longview residents are unaware of the specifications that make termites such a problem for homes and businesses every single year.
Here are a few quick facts about termite damage that you may not know:

  • Termites are silent destroyers. They can invade your property and munch away at the structure of your home or business for years without ever being detected. For many properties, termites are only discovered after extensive damage has occurred.

  • Termites are responsible for over five billion dollars in repairs each year in the United States.  

  • Your property can be infested by more than one termite colony at the same time.

If you're worried about termites taking over your property, contact Pest-Pro for effective termite control in Longview!


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