What You Can Do To Keep Wasps And Bees Off Your Property

June 17, 2019

a stinging black and yellow wasp perched on his nest on a texas property

 There are few pests that cause us to cross the road when we see them but stinging insects will get us moving. Although most people can handle one or two bees or wasps when out and about, there isn’t a sane person alive that would not want to get away from a whole swarm. Unfortunately for homeowners across Texas and Arizona, swarms of bees and wasps are congregating on properties and creating concern and a potential threat every time they leave their home. Is your yard currently under occupation of dangerous stingers or are you still in a place where you can keep them away?

Why Wasps and Bees Are Becoming a Huge Issues This Summer

In most areas of the United States, stinging insects are seasonal pests and only come out during the warmer months. However, here in Texas and Arizona, every month is usually warm. This means that, unlike in other places, just like our warm weather, stinging insects here are year-round.
If this wasn’t enough of an issue, there is another problem with stinging insects and that is that they still get worse during the summer months. This can be a huge issue especially if they decide to settle in and build a nest near your home.

Steps to Mitigate the Presence of Wasps and Bees on Your Property

The good news when it comes to wasps and bees is that they can be prevented from entering properties. The main way this can be done is by reducing factors that may attract them in the first place.
Here are some practical ways you can achieve this goal:
Keep your yard and outdoor gathering areas clean and free of accessible food and drinks.
If you feed your pets outdoors, pick up their food and water bowls after they are finished with them.
Make sure all of your trash cans have tight-fitting lids so wasps won’t be able to crawl inside.
If you are not a fan of flowers, remove them from your property, as they are a huge attractant for pollen-loving stinging insects.
Check around your sheds and other areas frequently where wasps and bees may build their hives. Early elimination is always easier than dealing with a fully mature nest.

Why Call Pest-Pro For The Ultimate Defense Against Summer Stingers

Whether you are looking to deal with current stinging insects on your property or just trying to find a way to deter them from settling down, the experts here at Pest-Pro Services, Inc. would like to offer our help. To find out more about our wasp and bee treatments, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your options and help you find one that best suits your needs.

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